The Widows Sons

The Widows Sons are an international Masonic motorcycle association with members worldwide. The purpose of the Widows Sons is closely aligned with the principles of Freemasonry & the promotion of Freemasonry is just one benefit of the organisation. Significant charitable donations from the Widows Sons goes to help and provide much needed support to those who require assistance, this is one of the main tenets of the Freemasonry, Benevolence, and something every Widows Sons chapter practices. Membership is open to Master Masons of a recognised Grand Lodge and the Widows Sons aim to support their respective local and Grand Lodges wherever possible.

We provide an outlet for our fellow Freemasons who share the same love of motorcycles, like the freedom of the open road and enjoy the camaraderie experienced when men from all walks of life get together as Brothers.

Widows Sons can be recognised by various symbols and logos, the three most prevalent in the UK & around the world are detailed below:-

One of the most recognised symbols is the trademarked international logo, know by some and frequently referenced to as the ‘chicken wings’ – This logo is used worldwide and is the main logo adopted by Widows Sons Scotland as part of the International Alliance of Widows Sons

Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association (WSMBA) covers chapters in  England, Wales, Eire & Northern Ireland. Their members can be recognised by the above logo

This is known as the Elvira patch and is predominantly found in the U.S.A and rare within the U.K nowadays, although there are a few members from the early days of Widows Sons Scotland who wear the Elvira patch

If your require any further information on the Widows Sons, please contact us

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