The Fireball

WSS North Chapter

Home of the Scottish ‘Coast to Coast’ Fireball Run

1st Scottish Fireball Run

On the 17th July 2021, North Chapter held their first Scottish Masonic Fireball Run in aid of Scottish Charity Air Ambulance. (North Chapter’s Main Charity)

So what is a Fireball Run?

The Fireball starts of at Scotlands most westerly point, Ardnamurchan, there we watch the sunset (‘As the sun sets in the west to close the day’) Once it has set we hit the road and ride through the night to the most Easterly point in Mainland Scotland, Keith Inch at Peterhead to try and beat the rising sun a.k.a The Fireball (‘As the Sun Rises in the East to open & enliven the glorious day’)

The run is comprised of a carefully selected & planned route of 236 miles point to point over a mix of different roads, some extremely challenging. With darkness setting in quickly once leaving the West Coast you need your wits about you on the run, Deer are prevalent over large sections of the route, both dead & alive as we discovered and deer whistles are a necessity. Time is a huge factor, 6.5 hours between Sunset & Sunrise, the riders need to be confident on their machine and alert at all times.

The Route

The first Fireball Run was comprised of 10 Riders from all three chapters of the Widows Sons Scotland, many of whom are qualified to Advance Rider Status with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). We headed over on the Friday and set up base camp at Sunart Campsite which was ideal and close to the starting point for Saturday Evening, an excellent campsite run by friendly people, highly recommended for a visit. From there; on the Saturday we explored the area for a few hours & then headed to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse where we caught some sleep (Behind walls, picnic tables, anywhere that was sheltered)

First 10 Fireballers @ the Starting Point in the West

Unfortunately the weather was pretty bleak, Cloudy, Misty, Rainy & Foggy, so a miserable start!! We set off at 22:02 and made our way East, arriving safely at Peterhead just after 04:00 in time for the sunrise at 04:34. With a very unique & challenging run completed we then went for breakfast and a few refreshments afterwards.

Finishing Point @ The East
Finishing Point @ The East
Arrival @ Peterhead
Departing Keith Inch For Refreshments
  • Finishing Point @ The East

In total we raised £1000 for the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance, we would like to thank Sunart Campsite and the people who engaged with us over on the West Coast for their great hospitality & generous donations and of course the Brave / Adventurous / Slightly Mad (You choose) members who participated in the First Scottish Fireball.

Do you have what it takes to beat the Fireball ?

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