The history of the Widows Sons spans several decades and is too involved and complex to explain everything within one page, however a brief summary is the Widows Sons originally started in America, Illinois around 1998. From then it has grown into the worldwide association it is today and the core principles within all Widows Sons associations remain closely aligned, but as time has passed each chapter has evolved depending on where they are based and their respective Masonic Grand Lodge.

Specifically for Widows Sons Scotland, our journey began in 2004, where our Founder Bro. Andy Rankin had a meeting in the city of Aberdeen with two other Brothers. From then the first ever meeting & ride out of the Widows Sons Scotland was officially hosted and took place in 2005, at Perth.  For the next 14 years, Widows Sons Scotland M.R.A operated as a single unified chapter covering the entire Scottish Mainland and islands. Although the North Chapter did not exist at this point of time, we are proud that the birthplace of Widows Sons Scotland was now within the current geographical area of the North Chapter boundary.

In 2019 owing to continued evolution and growth, Widows Sons Scotland M.R.A was restructured into three distinct regional chapters, known as East, West & North and we continue in the same format to this day. Each chapter continues to evolve and grow under the guidance of the Widows Sons Scotland Council of Presidents and Executive Committee, working together and maintaining the One ‘Widows Sons Scotland Family’ ideology, working together in unity and harmony. 

At the time of writing, our membership currently stands at 180+ strong and we continue to grow year on year. More information on the Widows Sons Scotland can be found on the Main Widows Sons Scotland M.R.A website

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