Route Map

There are two possible routes to membership of the Widows Sons Scotland depending on your current status. Firstly, if you are already a Master Mason under the Grand Lodge of Scotland, simply click here to complete and submit an application for membership of North Chapter.

Or alternatively click here for membership of another Widows Sons Scotland Chapter.

Once an application has been submitted for membership of the Widows Sons Scotland North Chapter, similar to joining a Lodge you start on the path and similar to Freemasonry everything has reasoning and context behind it. After a period of initial membership you will be entitled to and presented with the ‘Club Patch’, the associated explanation behind the various symbology and customs associated with the Widows Sons Scotland and your membership certificate. Once full membership is achieved you have voting rights, the  right to stand for chapter offices and are then entitled to attend the annual branding ceremony, hosted annually at Duncarron Medieval Village by Widows Sons Scotland, This is certainly an experience like no other and has been enjoyed by Brothers who have travelled from all over the world to attend.  

Secondly, if you are not a Freemason, but are interested in becoming one and joining the Widows Sons Scotland, we can certainly assist you in your journey and provide guidance, support and the relevant contacts, this route although slightly longer will still provide the same result and once admitted as a Freemason and you will be entitled to join the Widows Sons Scotland. The route for someone new to Freemasonry would be as follows:-

Identify a local lodge nearby your area, you can do this from the Province pages on our website and contact us where we can either meet you to discuss or put you in contact with Freemasons nearby.

Once you have identified a Lodge you would like to join, you need to submit an application for membership to that Lodge.

Once the application is submitted, assuming the membership criteria is met and the application is accepted, the lodge will then inform you when to attend to be admitted.

Once admitted, you’re journey takes you through three degrees in Freemasonry, once the third degree is competed, you become what is known as a Master Mason.

Once you have attained the rank of Master Mason, you can submit an application for membership of the Widows Sons Scotland.

The above is a simply a quick guide to membership, we are happy to discuss individual requirements should this be of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact us 

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